5 Simple Tips for Fitness Success

5 Simple Tips  for Fitness Success 2019-20

Well it is good to know that you are wishing to take your bodybuilding to a fit level. Well, it is true that the fitness is a lifestyle. You can only achieve your best shape by consistency and dedication. You have to make “FITNESS” your lifestyle, so that you can live a better healthy & fit life. Now I am going to discuss to you about most 5 important tips regarding lifetime fitness. It will help you to achieve your goal, if you are willing to apply in your lifestyle.


Everyone has their own perspective to fitness. So, first thing first you need to know your measurements-your body numbers (Weight, Belly, Chest, and others body parts as well). When you came to know the numbers, then you set goal for making your body perfect as your own ideal wish (Don’t Daydream-It won’t happen overnight). Plan your weeks for diet and workout. After a weekend measure again to know the difference. Doing it consistency will give you massive results.


I know it will be the common topic “Workout” but you have to, you got no other choices to exchange workout. During the time of workout you will burn extra calories and build strength. If you a overweight person you need to do cardio vascular – it is tough but gradually you will enjoy it. I want to say-“Have a bath on your own sweat”. If you are a lean person who wants to put some weights, you need to weight

training for bodybuilding not only strength but the lean muscle. And the average persons who have moderate fat in their body, cardio after weight training is the best option. Both male and female should do this. But remember, workout holds only 30% to your fitness. Find best workout routine that suits you, (you can take preference from YouTube or you can take personal coaching as well if you can afford).But please, try to avoid fancy supplements.

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You have known the workout value. It’s nearly around 30%. Now let’s talk about other 70%. Diet is everything. Wait-you don’t need to eat raw salads. If you are serious about your goals and want to achieve them faster than anything, you need to count your calories.

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Please stop eating junk food and packet food as they content harmful ingredients to make you unhealthy and unfit. So, stay away as far as you can. Leave soda and soft drinks as they content chemicals and unwanted artificial sugar and color. You should be depending on natural resources. Do grocery shopping once or twice a week so you will have food in your stock, and that will bring your will

to eat outside. Use protein and complex carbohydrates with unsaturated fat. Our body needs these. Make six to five meals. Fed your body with highly nutrition food throughout the day. Count your calories per meal, that’s only the way to achieve whatever goals you have. Remember ‘WHAT YOU EAT DEFINES HOW YOU LOOK’-so how you want to look depends on your eating.


When we sleep our body releases a hormone called ‘Melitonin’. That cause very deep sleep-and during this time our body does recovery internally. Whatever goal you have cutting or bulking all of them happens during this time. Use moderate complex carbohydrates at night for long lasting energy. Good sleeps also make you energized to kick the next day. Without sleeping you cannot achieve your fitness or healthy life. Sleep is like a reboot to your body, and you need it. So, be sure to take a nap of minimum 7-8 hours.


What or who motivates you? You have to know it first. The person that motivates you can make difference to you mentally. So it is necessary. Find the person-he/she could an actor/actress or even a fitness model, follow their lifestyle as much as you can. Watch motivational videos before you workout. It will surely impact on your workout.
Use energized songs for energy. Songs can make you feel more energy. You need to have a solid play-list for your

workout to push yourself to off-limits. And at that time you will be doing more than what you could. Believe me it feels better than anything to push your limits; you will certainly feel proud on yourself.You have now known all the basics to achieve your goals. But consistency is the key to your success. You have to work on yourself, your goal, your health, your life every single day. No shortcuts- ‘EVERYDAY IS DAY 1’.
“All The Best”


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